Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Wonderful Shortfilm

Dear all,

This is the second blog post on the Thirunelveli Website. As mentioned earlier slowly the word is getting around and people are getting to see the site.
I ran into a filmamker friend of mine who showed me a remarkable shortfilm  he made on a blind man who is able to make a living climbing palmyrah trees. Admirable! The film is made near the Ramnad region and as in Thirunelveli, there too as in other neighbouring regions, the palmyrah is both celebrated and venerated. The Palmyrah defines the landscape and makes it so unique. Fo those who have known  the Palymrah stretches, it remains painted in the mind for ever. I thank Illavenil for the beautiful film and for agreeing to let us put it up. The film is aptly captioned Agavizhi, the inner eye.

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